TC Consult rebrands. Welcome to our new look website!


You may have noticed that TC Consult has had a bit of a facelift.

It’s been 10 years since we set up our first office in Newport, and it only seems like yesterday. Since then we’ve moved the business to Cardiff and grown both in size and experience, acquiring Banks Wood & Partners along the way. During that time, we’ve worked with some incredible people, colleagues, clients and partners alike, on some amazing projects.

Now that we’re 10 years old, it seemed like the right time to give our brand the love and attention it deserves and do more to showcase our services and portfolio.

But it’s not just a case of making a cosmetic change. We really wanted to use this opportunity to get under the skin of what our clients really value about working with TC Consult. So we talked to them, and listened to what they had to say.

And while we don’t pretend to be perfect, we were genuinely humbled by the feedback we received.

We all know that building can be an imperfect art. Clients know it, we know it. It doesn’t matter how well a project is planned, there’s always a chance of the unexpected. Of course, we always do everything we can to mitigate, but what’s really important is that if something doesn’t go exactly to plan, the project team can pull together and find a solution – quickly, and with a minimum of fuss.

And the key to that is communication. At TC Consult we’re committed to developing strong working relationships with everyone involved in a build – which means that when push comes to shove, we can collaborate effectively with our partners and keep the project on track to meet its original objectives.

That’s what we’ve found our clients really appreciate – not only can they rely on our professional expertise, they know that with TC Consult on the team, that they have a down-to-earth, pragmatic team player that know how to get the job done.

That’s us in a nutshell – with TC you can be Totally Confident that your project will be a success.

Here’s what a couple of our clients have said about us:

“The team are very flexible, adapting their processes to the brief for our projects and always working alongside us to make them a success.”

Gareth Redding, Principality Building Society

“As part of a wider regeneration project in Newport, I was very impressed by TC Consult’s service, as project managers, people to work with and the quality of delivery on a building renovation. They worked with us to achieve a complex project and we met our objectives, on time and within our cost tolerances.”

Peter Evans, Welsh Government

OK, maybe we’re banging the drum just a little. But why not? After 10 years of delivering successful projects, perhaps we deserve to pat ourselves on the back just a bit.

But it doesn’t stop there. We have no intention of resting on our laurels. We’ll continue listening to our clients, making sure we’re delivering services that are valued and needed, and investing in our people so that we can continue to evolve and thrive. And most importantly, to help our clients to succeed.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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